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Stehr SR15

$14,900.00 USD

Additional Info: The Stehr Recycler is the ideal tool for adding binding agents such as lime or cement, and for sifting and blending loose soil from dumpsites. Any excavated soil that can't be incorporated as construction material can be turned into high-quality and easily compactable backfill right on site. The Stehr Recycler is the only equipment of its kind that can crush stones - a function that allows the soil to retain valuable mineral components. •Treating of land, clay and stones. •Breaking and filtering of degradation and asphalt rubble, bricks,concrete paving blocks and other waste •Because of the milling drum with stone chisels, the material is forced against the wearplate. On the other hand stays the recycler open, clear for rubble.

826.9 miles away


826.9 miles away