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2017 Gorilla GXS135

$22,070.00 USD

Additional Info: STK#24238777: 4,000 lb Op Wt.; 5,000 lb Impact Energy Hydraulic Hammer; 400-800bpm (Blows Per Minute) Fits to 39,680 - 57,320 lb Carriers; 33-40gpm Hydraulic Flow; 2,300-2,600psi Oil Pressure; 1 inch Hydraulic hose. ☎️ Call today for latest rental rates or to arrange for purchase. ***Need a Plate Compactor?! Check out more ABELE TRACTOR listings for over 1,000 machines and attachments available for rental or purchase*** Did you know ABELE TRACTOR is open on Saturdays from 7:00am until 12:00pm
Abele Tractor & Equipment Co., Inc.

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