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2012 Lift N' Til 6 Row

$20,800.00 USD

Additional Info: The Lift N' Til Tillage System focuses on aggressive root zone tillage with a manicured seed bed. We utilize bolt-on lifter wings on the ripper shank to fracture and define the root zone. This allows for easier root penetration and more moisture holding capacity. This lifted and fractured zone accommodates twin rows better than a traditional ripper shank. This method of tillage does not invert soil in order to fracture it, so it follows the principles of conservation tillage and is perfect for strip-till. There are a variety of interchangeable bed preparation tools that can be used on the rear of the Lift N" Til, depending on your tillage practices. From cultivator baskets and leveling doors for conventional tillage to individual row gangs of rubber tires or baskets for reduced tillage. Also, the 12 3/4 diameter steel roller is a great hybrid option because it can do both conventional and reduced tillage without changing tooling. Do it all with one machine--Do it with a Lift N' Til!

629.2 miles away


629.2 miles away