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2000 WARTSILA 2925 KW

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Additional Info: he power plant features five low-hour Wartsila 2925 kW natural gas generators, LeRoy Somer Gen Ends, Electrical Switchgear and all associated equipment to run. The generator sets are well maintained and in excellent condition. The gensets are powered by the Series 220 slow turning 1200 RPM industrial natural gas engine, which is renowned for its longevity and reliability. These units are heavy-duty, and built to last. 14.6 MW Wartsila Natural Gas Power Plant Package (5) 2925 kW Wärtsilä Series 220 Natural Gas Engines 1200 RPM 4160 Volt Environmentally Friendly Fuel Type: Natural Gas Rating - Prime/Continuous 60 HZ Frequency Original Schematics and Drawings Year built: 1999 (281008 was built in 2000) Hours range from 1,500 to 1762 Total Package Weight: 250,000 lbs. Includes Library of Folders (Operation Manuals & All Documentation) Electrical Switchgear & ComponentsNatural Gas Power Plant schematic 1 Triphased 480 VSC panel Basler Electric Controls Photos of internals of all genset engines (include Cam, Piston Internal to the engine, and Cylinder internal to the engine). GEA High and low temperature cooling fans Virginia Transformer KVA: 16000/20000; HV: 12000; LV: 4160Y/2400 Aqua Amonia & Oil Tanks Trico Blower (80,000 CFM, 75 Hp) Wärtsilä power plant technicians have inspected and started plant Power plant is still installed but no longer in use Photos of all accessories and components Configuration capable of co-generation operations (if desired) Series 220 Engine Specifications Manufacturer: Wärtsilä Series 220, 1200RPM, 2925 kW Mec. Serial numbers: 281004 through 281008 Year built: 1999 (281008 was built in 2000) Dimensions: 288 x 80 x 110 IN, 35,000 LBLeroy Somer Generator Data Tag Hours of operation: 281004 = 1719 hrs. 81005 = 1602 hrs. 281006 = 1762 hrs. 281007 = 1537 hrs. 281008 = 1702 hrs. Leroy Sumer Generator End Specifications Manufacturer: Leroy Somer Type LSA 54 UL11-6P 430 KVA, 0.8 pf, 4160 v

1452.7 miles away


1452.7 miles away